Monday, February 6, 2012

October 2011

Lucky you. I do have a ONE picture of Spud Harvest. Tyrel wanted me to take it because he finally got a brand new tractor to run. Look at it. Study it. Enjoy it. It's the last picture you will probably ever see of Tyrel running a potato digger because apparently he has more important things to do during Spud Harvest from now on. It's make me very sad though. This is how we met and it was so much fun every year looking back at the memories in October 2002 and comparing them to where we are now. But alas, that is over. I'm not complaining, just sad. (FYI, Tyrel got a promotion. That's why he won't be sitting in a digger anymore.)

Some excitement happened in October.  Okay, I guess it wasn't exciting but kind of annoying...  Jaiden cut her hair.  Ugh, she is our child that does all the things you dread.  (ex. cut hair, poop in bathtub, color of the walls)

Getting her first haircut.  No, we didn't cut the back as short as she cut the side, more tried to blend it as much as it could be blended.

She ended up with bangs and had to wear pigtails for quite a while to hide the short hairs...

Halloween!!  (That's normal Jaiden right there.  She's not crying, just being a weirdo.  lol)

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